Crafted to Last in the News

CTL_FBCoverPeople are noticing Crafted to Last – Minnesota Beer Blossoms.  Very early on, November 2012, Tom Nehil MinnPost picked up on our Beer Styles Trailer.  I stand by my comment of Nov. 16, 2012.

More recently Ryan Tuenge from Minnesota on Tap in the Star Tribune gave the Campaign for Music a platform and helped us get the word out that the film was coming together and we were setting a date for release.

The interview by Loren Greene for Hot Dish and City Pages got more in depth. I was able to tell potential viewers a little bit about how and why this film came to be made.  Rereading it now, I still think it gets the basic points and conveys them accurately.

A Q&A exchange with Andrew Schmitt from MN Beer Activists helped fill in some background about the title and the music. True to a beer advocate, he asked about style (cinema verite) and flavor (time lapse and progression).

Later today I’ll be on the radio Sizzling 99.9 with MNSkinny to talk about the film. 5-6 PM July 7, 2014  Listen now.

Then to the Shoreview Library to talk with Haley from Curious North for a podcast.

Wednesday I’m scheduled to talk with Eric Linares from WCCO.

Phone interview with Chris Harwood on KUMD’s Northand Morning 103.3 FM on July 11 at 8 AM. Live stream available.


Tickets: World Premiere in Minneapolis July 19, 2014 and Duluth Debut July 25, 2014.


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