The film maker

David Okar has assumed an array of personalities throughout his life. Some of these have evolved to the point of almost becoming independent identities.  I tend to think of them as a kind of mask or costume. A way of getting my mind into the frame required by particular roles and tasks. Most have a long history in connection with the various artistic ventures I have engineered since moving to Minneapolis in 1993.  SpitBall began life as a poet reading original works in the Irish Well. By the time he suspended his public performances in or around 2003, he was hosting Voices from the Well Open Microphone in Downtown MPLS. When that venue shut down for good, SpitBall sunk into the video editing suite and made the critically acclaimed Art Temple and Temple Tapes series for CDDF Productions and MTN public access in Minneapolis for close to 10 years.

The Temple Tapes is where Brixton Hughes got his start at The Mandala News Network with Tom Rifle, Bill Carson, and Stan Howitzer. Hughes was the host of the Okar Effect and drove deep into absurdity and political commentary from 1999 until 2007. He and Stan Howitzer revived the Okar Effect on YouTube for the election of 2012, touting The Total Candidate – Marco Xe as a protest mechanism designed to restore value to votes wasted on unopposed candidates and runway winners. When CDDF Productions began work on Crafted to Last, Brixton became their mouthpiece on social media.