World Premiere

logo-for-frontThe world premiere event held last Saturday night in South Minneapolis was a long time coming.  I enjoyed it a great deal and from many perspectives. The crowd that attended, performed – live or in the film, supported and cheered was comprised of people from all the multiple communities in which I have been welcomed since coming to Minneapolis in the early ’90s. Standing on stage waiting for the sound tech to signal me that the microphone was live, I understood something special was happening.  I realized that the Venn Diagram of all those communities that I carry at the center of myself, had been manifest in the audience I was readying to welcome to the show.  It is not often that I experience such a moment and I am indebted to all of you for making it so.

Now that the film has been released and people have seen it, I no longer control my creation. Maybe its because I tuned in Young Frankenstein last night while scanning the channels and relaxing a bit, but I think it probably goes deeper into the nature of creating stuff for public consumption. It is your ball of wax now. Make of it what you will.

The next stop is the debut in Duluth on July 25 at 9 PM. Tickets available at the Zinema 2.  This a great way to get a head start for the All Pints North Beer Festival the next day. The documentary includes 3 of the features, Tim Nelson, Dave Hoops and Nate Berndt, talking about the supportive efforts of the MN Craft Brewers Guild, particularly with regard to the Minnesota State Fair.

Watch the 1 minute clip.


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