Short Videos

These shorts were created from source footage that will, most likely, not be used in Crafted to Last. Most of these feature only one of the 16 featured breweries and we intend to create many more very soon.

Two of the videos feature local businesses that have been positively impacted by the growth of the craft beer sector. Early on the intention was to include these stories in the film, but ultimately I managed to convince so many breweries to participate that these segments had to be cut.

I felt that it was important to portray these connections because these show that the emergence of craft beer in Minnesota has benefits beyond the beer drinking community. This is one of the reasons I chose to call the film Crafted to Last.

We will be posting more videos featuring more Minnesota breweries as Crafted to Last –
Minnesota Beer Blossoms is released in Summer 2014 and we begin to tour the state showing it
to interested parties while drinking fine beers.

Pay attention to this site and you’ll see more high quality video that just did not quite fit into the