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What beer to drink while watching favorite movies


Tim’s Vermeer

If you have not yet seen this wonderful film make a point to watch it very soon.

The essential elements in the story are surprise, obsession and the definition of art. There is also a strong emphasis on blurring the line between reality and rendition that explains my dedication the Cinema Verite and affinity for reflected images.

We drank a 750 of Mexican Honey Lager from Indeed during the film. The brightness of the lager style and the orange blossom honey highlighted the light-hearted nature of Tim’s Vermeer.  Moreover it reflected a similar sense of obsessive dedication as that permeating the subject of the film.

Alternatively, find yourself a really fine clone of a world renown beer and celebrate the apparent triumph of technology over inspiration that seems to be one of the points made in the film.


Beers for Fargo

Fargo – 1996. Ethan and Joel Coen.


IndeedBrewingMy first thought was to mirror the dark aggressiveness of the film with an almost too hoppy black ale. A beer that underscores the cinematic style because it stings a bit and makes you wonder if you should close your eyes or look away. It should probably be a bigger beer 7% and up, so that you feel it for a while afterwards, just like the film.

My choice: Haywire from Indeed Brewing Company.


On the other hand, you might think about balancing the noir film with a sweeter brew. Lighter with a complex malt profile that can rival both the nuance and the boldness of the movie. Fargo is a movie with a lot of sharp edges and points, so the contrasting beer should be soft like a comfortable chair. Maybe a field of sun-warned grass not yet gone to seed.

My choice: An older bottle of Auroch’s Horn from Olvalde Farm & Brewery.

What beer do you suggest for Fargo?