The production company

CDDF Productions has been publishing my material since 1997. At least. Every chap book. Every episode of The Art Temple and The Temple Tapes. The Okar Effect on YouTube. All from CDDF Productions. When we began making Crafted to Last it was obvious that CDDF Productions had to go legit and get registered.

The company has two aspects. For profit entertainment and non-profit community building and awareness. Crafted to Last and the MN Craft Beer Project are primarily entertainment.  Initiatives like the Ataxia Awareness Project are along underway. In addition to creating promotional videos for the Walk, Stroll and Roll event, we have participated in the Neuro Film Festival for two years running. Playing to Win and Still Standing Tall did very well in the public voting.  We are already at work on our submission for 2015.

Moving forward CDDF Productions will take on new video projects, continue to promote Crafted to Last and establish the MN Craft Beer Project as a go to source for in depth bonus material from the film.

Stay tuned. Tell your friends. Support our projects.