Crafted to Last Blossoms

The glow from the premiere ofC2L_color_chux my film last July in Minneapolis and Duluth has receded, but the embers of many memories still smolder. Especially when I’m visiting one of the many fine establishments in the neighborhood and chat with someone that has seen the film. More often they wish that they had.

We talk about beer and how the every day lives of so many beer drinkers all across Minnesota have been so greatly enriched by the range of breweries and beers currently available for perusal and fussing. We exchange questions of how long it will last and wonder aloud if this will be the year we are allowed to buy beer on Sunday without crossing the border.

Because I have lived so long with my film and because it captures so many aspects of the threads of conversation woven through the tap rooms, breweries and festivals it is inevitable that I refer to the film, as often as not, as we chat  over our beers. I have heard variations on the 16 story lines that make up the film at least as many times since production closed in 2014. A quick glance around the Minnesota brewing business or a brief sampling of local news and cultural media show that Minnesota beer continues to blossom.








The 2015 CTL Film Tour is in the planning phase. If you, or someone you know, are interested in hosting a screening of the film sometime between June and November 2015, contact us and we’ll set it up. Showings have been confirmed at 3 metro locations, Lift Bridge, Northgate and Day Block. Additional showings, including venues in Duluth and Rochester, are on the horizon. Stay tuned.

The Film Tour will also be a venue for new video. Most will be culled from the spent video from making the film and the video diary clips I recorded while making the film. I hope to be making some new video, too, but that is another story. Let’s get the new ball rolling by reaching back to the inspirational trip to MI and IL that sparked the film. Plus a question about regional beer that is much bigger than terroir.



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