The Campaign for You

CDDF Productions announces the next phase of community-sourced promotion of Crafted to Last – Minnesota Beer Blossoms.

In direct contrast to the Campaign for Music in which we seek to collect money from the communities with which we interact and upon which we depend for support, The Campaign for You  provides an opportunity for people and/or organizations – for YOU- to make a little money, too.

logo-for-frontI need as much help as I can get to promote and pay for the roll-out and initial screenings of Crafted to Last – Minnesota Beer Blossoms. While a number of people have stepped up to give me a hand and promote Minnesota beer and culture, there is still a role for more interested and motivated people.  But, just like I do not expect the musicians that have and will work with me on the film and the film tour to work for free, those that help promote the project – you – should also be compensated for your effort.


Because we need a Program – printed and/or online – for the premiere event on July 19, the Duluth debut on July 25 and the rest of the statewide film tour, and because that Program features prime ad space associated with a documentary uniquely positioned to promote the Minnesota craft brewing and become the definitive analysis of this critical moment for this growing movement and culture. I lack the time and the seed funds to make this happen, but I bet that many of you have exactly what is needed to make this a reality.  Of course I’ll help with the content and raw materials.

You make it and sell the space to whomever you can find to back the project and promote the film. In fact, if you have an idea about how to promote Crafted to Last that does not include Programs for the Minneapolis world premiere and/or the Duluth debut, CDDF Productions would be most interested in discussing how we could synergize our efforts.

Join the Campaign for You and you will keep most of the $ you generate for Crafted to Last. At most CDDF Productions will ask for 25% & we will provide merchandise – including limited edition glassware sets – at wholesale.

Contact: [email protected] to work out the details face to face.


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