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The roll out of Crafted to Last is moving right along.  More and more people are asking me about my film and getting ready to see it at the world premiere on July 19 at the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis. There will be beer, film and live music. Tickets on sale soon.

This is the next phase of the Campaign for Music – our first attempt at community funding. We are actively seeking bands and solo performers to play at the Opening Night Events in Minneapolis and Duluth. We already putting together the MPLS debut and it is gonna be good. You don’t want to miss it.  Tickets are one thing. Putting in cash through the Campaign is another. The more dollars we raise from the community, the more we can afford to return to local musicians, print shops and beer drinkers and the more enhanced your experience of the film will become. Its true.



One of the more interesting developments is the opportunity afforded by Andrew Schmitt and the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest. They’ve given me a 30 minute platform at the premiere beer fest in MN to highlight my film and let people know that this is about more than beer. It is about what happens when cultural and economic realities that had previously been out of synch with the prevailing political, social and legal tendencies are stimulated by a reformation of beer distribution laws. It is about what happens when good beer breeds good sense and education is held in esteem.

I’ll show a very fresh video on June 7 at 4:45 PM, then open a discussion with 5 other people that have been impacted by the current expansion of local craft brewing in Minnesota. The panel reflects topics in the film that fit the theme of the session – how the Surly Law impacted your neighbors, the communities of which we are a part and the economy of our city, neighborhood and state.

Russ  Henry – Dirt Farmer.  Ben Boo – Hop Farmer.  Melinda Hedberg – Awareness Farmer.  Paul Johnston – Beer Farmer. Amy Johnson – Business Farmer. Me?  I’m a Catalyst Farmer.


Show up early to see the exclusive video made only for this event. Meantime – help us pay some bills by contributing to the Campaign for Music. Every bit helps.

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